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Internet Airline News #8

Row 44 wins permanent FCC authority (let the games begin)

I gotta jump out of my jolly holiday to tell you this - Row 44 has won permanent authority from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer its Ku-band-based connectivity service to airlines.

Does Your Seatmate Need “Internetiquette”?

In case you’re wondering, “Internetiquette” is a new etiquette guide from AirTran - part of an ad campaign to publicize an AirTran milestone: all its jets now offer wireless internet service. [Might be worth checking into for Row44 –Ed]

Upgrd 29: Alaska...Mystery

The Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge, Status and earning levels on AS, Upgrades and their first class product. [ Alaska topic starts 16 minutes in –Ed]

Tweeting Airports

I think the airlines that have been tweeting successfully have received plenty of coverage of late, so I wanted to look into some of the airports that have been doing so. I really haven’t seen much coverage in that area, except for this excellent post on Fish’s blog.

The Legacies Start Using Social Media Effectively

When one is asked about airlines that have been using social media effectively, long-time favorites like Southwest and JetBlue come to mind. But, much to my surprise, some other carries have caught up, like American and United.

Things With Wings Podcast: Airlines And Social Media

Late last month at a low-cost carrier conference in Miami, I sat down with airline marketing and branding strategist Shashank Nigam of SimpliFlying to talk about airline use of social media--or the lack thereof. Listen to this Things With Wings podcast (14:44) to hear Nigam explain:

The fine print on Twitter-only fares

Since the world has gone ga-ga for Twitter, corporations have been trying to figure out how to take advantage of the popularity of the micro-blogging service. Some airlines are trying out Twitter-only discounted airfares to fill seats. (United calls them “Twares.” JetBlue calls theirs “Cheeps.” I’m sure there are others, but it’s still not the norm for airlines to offer these.)

Engagement Checkup: Airlines on YouTube

In this week’s engagement checkup, we examine how airlines are using the video-sharing site to recruit, inform and entertain potential passengers. In true YouTube fashion, results range from the banal to the outrageous.

Delta And The Soft Sell

On Twitter, one Jon Berry found a Delta video travel short about Las Vegas on YouTube, put together by airline employees; Delta tweets back about the collection of around 20 they have online. They're quick low-fidelity clips that give a good quick taste.

Guess Who's Looking for a Social Media Manager?

One of my social media geek friends sent me a chat message on my Facebook account telling me that Continental Airlines is looking for a manager of social media.  You can see the job link here.

American Airlines tests mobile bag check-in at Boston Logan Airport

While other airlines are dissuading customers from transacting business at the airport, by imposing penalty fees, American Airlines is looking to smoothe things for passengers at the counter. At Boston Logan Airport, the airline is testing a new set of mobile check-in devices.

Republic, Frontier, and Southwest: More Questions Than Answers
As you’ve probably all heard, Republic ended up getting Frontier in the end, and to be honest, that’s not the result I expected. I did write about this topic last evening, but I posted about 15 minutes after the press releases came out.
Interviewing Virgin America CEO David Cush

I am going to be attending the National Business Travel Association conference in San Diego in a few days, and I have been trying to arrange a few interviews. I contacted Abby Lunardini, Virgin America’s Director of Corporate Communications, and she offered an interview with the company’s CEO, David Cush. Sadly, though, he was only available the day I’m flying back home. But, Abby worked her magic and I was able to score an interview on Tuesday! So thanks to Abby for arranging this and thanks to David for willing to give me some of his time.

If You Think Capacity Is Tight Now...

Yesterday Bloomberg sat down Robert Herbst of to update the state of the airline industry. No big surprises here—Herbst notes that leisure demand is probably as high as it's every been, with low fares, but there is not enough premium- or biz-class traffic to keep the airlines healthy.


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