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Internet Airline News #9

What will Denver look like in two years?Frontier's going to get out of bankruptcy protection pronto. They're making operational profits that are based on lower expenses and they've got a corporate parent with some resources, but not a huge war chest to wage a long-term fare battle.LAX Rent Increase Ruled Not Discriminatory, But Fight ContinuesThere was interesting ruling out of the appeals courts last week. LAX’s efforts to jack up rent for some airlines and not others was ruled to be not discriminatory. But that doesn’t mean this fight is over.Airlines Update Their Social Media EffortsAnyone who’s a regular reader of this blog knows about my interest in all things social media.  And I’ve been following how airlines are using it to communication and expand their brands.  Today’s Aviation Daily includes my story (subscribers only) on the efforts of Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines when it comes to social media.How Budget Airlines Undercut the M…

Internet Airline News #8

Row 44 wins permanent FCC authority (let the games begin)I gotta jump out of my jolly holiday to tell you this - Row 44 has won permanent authority from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer its Ku-band-based connectivity service to airlines.Does Your Seatmate Need “Internetiquette”?In case you’re wondering, “Internetiquette” is a new etiquette guide from AirTran - part of an ad campaign to publicize an AirTran milestone: all its jets now offer wireless internet service. [Might be worth checking into for Row44 –Ed]Upgrd 29: Alaska...MysteryThe Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge, Status and earning levels on AS, Upgrades and their first class product. [ Alaska topic starts 16 minutes in –Ed]Tweeting AirportsI think the airlines that have been tweeting successfully have received plenty of coverage of late, so I wanted to look into some of the airports that have been doing so. I really haven’t seen much coverage in that area, except for this excellent post on Fish’s blog.Th…