Monday, May 04, 2009

Internet Airline News #5

Through year-end, luggage on Alaska Airlines will likely be on time

Alaska Airlines is taking a page from the Domino’s Pizza playbook and offering a delivery guarantee. But it’s not for pizza, it’s for checked bags.

Dare to dream: American and Delta want to charge money for access to their schedule info

American Airlines’ CEO Gerard Arpey dared to dream. He slipped a comment into their recent earnings call which seemed rather off the wall, until Delta CEO Richard Anderson effectively repeated the idea. The proposal? Instead of paying commissions to agencies and websites that sell their fares, airlines would charge those agencies a fee for the right to display and sell their fares.

Which Airlines Are Potentially Exposed the Most to Mexico Risk?

Gary Chase, airline analyst with Barclays, issued a note this morning in which he listed the exposure of different airlines to the potential short-term risk of passengers curtailing travel to Mexico.

United Responds: Two Airfare Increase Attempts Rolled into One Weekend

The activity actually began Thursday evening with a United “attempted” airfare hike (only for travel late June thru early August), followed by one instigated by Continental on Friday morning which had enough overlap to look very similar to partial matching - so over the weekend, we actually saw two airfare hike attempts, and some of the most ridiculous airfare filings I have ever tried to review as matching and rollbacks for both complicated matters tremendously, that and the fact the hike was targeted originally for July departures only.

Southwest's Load Planning System Improves Baggage Processes

When I visited Southwest’s operation at Dallas/Love Field last month, it wasn’t a normal day. It just happened to be the first day that the airline had launched its Load Planning System at Love and elsewhere in the system. This new system has the ability to really significantly improve Southwest’s baggage handling.

FAA Opens Access to the National Wildlife Strike Database

You can now download in MS Access format. [No wonder they didn’t want to release it. –Ed]

Adios, Mexico (somewhat)

US Airways and United Airlines have added their names to the carriers who are saying they'll be doing less Mexico for a while.

CEO base pay for 2008

US Airways put a chart in its proxy statement Thursday comparing the base pay of its CEO, Doug Parker, to other U.S. carriers.

Forget Doom & Gloom, Richard Branson’s Here (Get this Party Started!)

And now, the man who built the Virgin empire - which includes Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Blue and the U.S. based Virgin America (love that crazy mood-lighting) - has just brought the party to Orange County, California.

Airlines Return Gingerly to Oil Hedging

Airlines are tiptoeing back into fuel hedging after being burned by last year's wild swings in oil prices. (Subscription Required)

Was Southwest’s Mystery City Sale Deceptive?

For four days, Southwest has revealed a city (or in yesterday’s case, an area) that would have a 50% discount on Wanna Get Away fares on all flights. Friday was Philadelphia, Saturday was Nashville, Sunday was Albuquerque, and Monday all Bay Area airports (SFO, OAK, SJC) were on sale.

One More Post on That Southwest Sale

I already posted on the Southwest Mystery Sale and why I didn’t like it, but thanks to ftnoob on FlyerTalk I have a bit more on what happened.

787 - Roll Out!

Boeing confirms the first 787, ZA001, has moved to the flight line, and that fuel testing will begin in the next few days. AW&ST understands the schedule calls for this to start on May